Campus du Havre

Hello everyone!

Come and join Mushu and our team here in Le Havre on our environmental journey.

The campus is buzzing with new ideas to become more eco-friendly and we need all the help we can get to realize them.

Our current projects on campus are mainly focused on making the place greener and recycling. We envision decorating the campus with plants growing in used coffee cups and planting Asian trees in front of the campus to welcome you.

We would also like to promote in general a more eco-friendly behavior with our tv-spots and eco-tips of the week featuring the campus mascot Mushu.

Our team is also involved in the Seine-Maritime region, with projects to sensitize the local community through information on local bio-food shops and film-projections to school directors and others.

So if you are interested in making a change for the planet, there is a place here for you on our campus.

And don’t forget our motto: Don’t be mean, be green!


You can enjoy our first video featuring Mushu if you follow this link:

To contact us, discover our facebook page:

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